Paratriathlon Race will now be contested over a duathlon format

Dear Athletes,

A contingency meeting took place today at 3.00AM, with representatives from the LOC, ITU, TOCOG and the three Technical Delegates of the race, as well as the Medical Delegate, to discuss the conditions for today’s Paratriathlon race. The latest water quality test, taken at 1pm on Friday, show that the E-Coli levels are substantially above the limit, with the quality of the water moving to Level 4 according to the ITU Competition Rules. Decision has been made to move the races to a Duathlon format, with the first wave starting at 6.40am.

According to the latest tests inside the barrier area in Odaiba Bay, collected at 5 am and 1 pm on Friday, the results show a substantial increase of the E-Coli levels during the day.
In the 5am sample, the levels show an increase but still below ITU limits. On the sample taken at 1pm the E-Coli levels had increased to more than two times over the ITU limits. In both cases, the Enterococci levels are within the limits.
Considering these results, and the data collected in the previous days, the Water Quality Risk has been declared on Level 4. The final decission of the Medical Delegate, and the three Technical Delegates, is to cancel the swim and move to a Duathlon format.

The latest weather forecast for Saturday, August 17th, shows that it will be cloudy with low winds. Regarding the air temperatures and the Heat Stress Indicator (WBGT):
The Heat stress indicator will go from 27.5 at 6.30am, moving to 30.5 by the end of the races, at 9.30 am (Orange to Red flags). The Medical Delegate’s confirms he decission of a duathlon format with athletes competing over 2 laps on the run (2.5㎞), 5 laps on the bike (20km) and 4 laps on the run (5km).

A coaches meeting will take place at 5am in the recovery area at the venue

New course
2 laps (2.5km) – 5 laps (20km) – 4 laps (5km)

5:00 6:10 Athletes’ lounge check in – PTWC
5:00 7:20 Athletes’ lounge check in – PTS/PTVI
5:15 6:25 Transition area check in – PTWC
5:30 7:40 Transition area check in – PTS/PTVI
6:25 PTWC Athletes’ Introduction
6:40 PTWC1-M
6:41 PTWC1-W
6:42:51 PTWC2 M
6:44:42 PTWC2 W
7:45 PTVI Athletes’ Introduction
7:55 PTVI1-M
7:56 PTVI1-W
7:58:04 PTVI2/3 M
7:59:29 PTVI2/3 W
8:00 PTS Athletes’ Introduction
8:05 PTS5 M
8:10 PTS4/3/2 M
8:20 PTS5/4/3 W
8:25 PTS2 W
9:55 Para run course measurement by coaches
9:55 Paratriathlon medal ceremonies